Kids Trailer

Kids Trailer


The Kids Trailer is a great way for kids to join in with family bike rides! Ensure your children are safe and secure in tow behind you in this comfortable buggy. Safety and security is increased by the high visibility flag, safety harness, bug screen and rain shield. Enjoy a relaxed riding experience with your children taking in all the sights and sounds together.

Features & Benefits:

  • Carries 2 children
  • Capable of safely carrying 36kg (18kg per child including luggage)
  • Max height: 105cm
  • Universal coupler attaches easily to your bicycle
  • Bug screen and rain shield protects your child in adverse weather conditions
  • High visibility flag increases visibility to other users
  • Storage pockets for supplies and cycling essentials
  • Safety harness holds your child safely and securely
  • Strong and highly durable steel construction
  • Child must wear a safety helmet when using this bike trailer
  • Not for use with a child under 9 months old
  • Not for use at high speed
  • Also suitable for pets due to adjustable seat base




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